Executive Profile

Dimiourgon Texnima   
Executive Profile

The enterprise of Dimiourgon Texnima was founded on April of 1997 by a well-experienced team of architects, interior designers and engineers. Dimiourgon Texnima specializes in reconstruction and renovation of buildings to high specifications, with great respect for human values and the contemporary needs of individual properties. The projects that our company has accomplished are admired for their functional efficiency, the sublime utilization and the durability of building's requirements. The philosophy we are entitled to is based on the continuous communication with our clients and their essential needs. This long-standing relationship allows us to ensure effective and reliable results. Our company's areas of professional activity expand throughout Greece and Cyprus.)

Skill Highlights

Old building renovation construction of manufacturing & industrial buildings, building design interior design, bioclimatic architecture, market research and analysis, stone houses, construction waste recycling supervision & evaluation of work progress.

Core accomplishments

                                             Chronological Achievements
  • 1998. Dimiourgon Texnima Undertakes the project of constructing 22 hairdressers stores on account for a known cosmetics company in the entire Greek territory.
  • 2006 - 2007. Our firm reconstructs several stores of the reputable company "United Colors of Benetton".
  • 2007. One of our most challenging projects was the renovation of a 19th century stone house in the area of Arcadia, Peloponnese. The Dimiourgon Texnima team managed to transform this old house into a contemporary, safe and bioclimatic residence.
  • 2006-Today: All these years we have participated in numerous exhibitions (Helexpo Palace, Hellas Build, etc) in order to present projects that are based on new, ecological technologies.

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